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Challenging Mexico's Claim on Los Angeles

February 28, 2009
Walter Moore Should Be Elected, But Will the Times Allow It?
Confronting Power
 Antonio Villaraigosa became Mayor of Los Angeles after the Los Angeles Times used its considerable political muscle to keep the truth about him from the people. When Glenn Spencer and Voice of Citizens Together attempted to run an ad in the Los Angeles Daily News linking Villaraigosa to the President of Mexico, the Times threatened a lawsuit to stop publication. The Daily News capitulated and pulled the ad.
    After that happened VCT sued the Times, only to have an L.A. Judge dismiss the suit, accepting the Times' argument that VCT was attempting to stifle its freedom of speech. When it attempted to appeal this outrageous decision, VCT's lawyer, Brian Buckley, a graduate of Dartmouth, disappeared. Buckley, who had been threatened over the lawsuit, has been disbarred and is living in disrepute somewhere on the East Coast. 

    "I have seen firsthand the power of the Los Angeles establishment to get its way," Spencer said. "By all accounts Walter Moore is a vastly superior candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles, but in that corrupt city, meritocracy and fairness has long been abandoned."

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