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How Bush And Chertoff Subverted Border Security

February 24, 2009
The Five Percent Solution
American Patrol Report
    According to a new ten-minute video produced by American Border Patrol, despite all the media hype to the contrary, the Department of Homeland Security succeeded in constructing only five percent of the border fence mandated in the original Secure Fence Act of 2006.
The video, The Five Percent Border Fence Impact, provides and a sector-by-sector assessment of the impact of the new border fence. 


It shows that despite the failure of DHS to comply with the intent of Congress, some of the fencing they have installed has led to significant reductions in apprehensions of illegal aliens. The Yuma and El Paso sectors show the greatest gain whereas the San Diego and Tucson Sectors show the least. ABP reports that about half of the San Diego Sector has fencing and much of that is old and ineffective. Only 26% of the Tucson Sector is fenced.
 ABP's other videos can be seen on YouTube as well.
This is not a fence
Border Cover Up 
The Fence and The Mexican Drug War  
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