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This is Not a Fence: Shooting Exposes Fence Fraud

February 21, 2009

    The Associated Press reports that, "U.S. Border Patrol agents shot a suspected drug smuggler in the New Mexico desert after the man ran over an officer with a pickup truck, officials said Friday." The AP reported that the shooting took place on a desert road 25 miles west of the Santa Teresa border crossing. They also report that Doug Mosier, a Border Patrol spokesman, "said it was unclear exactly where the driver crossed since the area has about 48 miles of vehicle and pedestrian fencing."

    According to American Border Patrol, there are 90 miles of continuous fencing and vehicle barriers along the New Mexico / Mexico border, not 48 miles. "Seeing where this incident occurred, it is a near certainty that the smuggler crossed over or through the so-called vehicle fence," said Glenn Spencer, head of American Border Patrol. Spencer, who flies the ABP aerial survey airplane, said that the short vehicle barriers have been breached using portable ramps and that this is probably what was done in this case.
    "The Department of Homeland Security continues to defraud the American people about what is a fence, and the media play along as usual," Spencer said.
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