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Homeland Security Hangs in the Balance-Will Obama Finish the Fence?

February 20, 2009
Right Side News sees that Janet N. does not desire to build a comprehensive fence, but would rather use "other means".  This exchange and the video that is linked here is obvious.  We need to SECURE our border. We can secure the border by military means, and using all means.
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN --
Janet Napolitano, DHS: At some places fence or wall. But, I would -- would not advise the Congress that to simply build a fence or wall or whatever you want to call it, between the U.S. and Mexico is going to stop illegal immigration or drug trafficking...

Kitty Pilgrim: You know, General Grange, I come to you first because, really, it's clear that a new sort of strategy is needed. Should the Department of Homeland Security -- what should they do to deal with border violence? Should we have some sort of surge approach to this?
Gen Grange (Ret.): Well, I believe it's a national security issue. If you look at the national military security -- military security for the United States, the protection of the homeland is the No. 1 priority. And I believe this -- conditions exist where law enforcement agencies, National Guard, even the citizenry of the United States should not have to put up with this security challenge. This is a -- we're not providing a safe and secure environment for our people. And so a fence, a wall would be part of it, but it has to be in depth, it has to be efforts in depth to handle the threat. [...]
Prof. George Grayson: ...And so, I think it's important to have a wall at the border, recognizing that's not a panacea, but it is at least one step that we can take to try to slow the influx of both illegal aliens and also the flow of narcotics.
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"It's important to have a wall at the border"
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