Feeding Lions by Paul A. Ibbetson

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feeding_lions_cover.jpg February 10, 2009
 Right Side News
 Feeding Lions is a book that comes clean on just why conservatives and liberals can't get in the same room without a fight breaking out. Using a healthy dose of heartland humor, the author takes readers on a journey of discovery that will anger liberals and awaken the dormant conservative who sleeps in the majority of the nation. 

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This book avoids reams and reams of boring statistics and gets down to business right away by laying out the fundamentals of conservatism and why they fall in diametric opposition to liberalism. The goal for this book is quality, not quantity, and each page is full of serious intellectual analysis on the battle being waged for the hearts and minds in this country, and why conservative views MUST win the day.

Author Steven Clark Bradle writes:
I had the good fortune to be a guest on Paul Ibbetson's excellent radio show, The Conscience of Kansas when I was announcing my previous epic novel, 'Nimrod Rising'. I was so thrilled to be on a show of that stature. I immediately knew that Paul was a man who only cared for the truth and that he'd tell it, popular or not.

Now, Paul Ibbetson has written a book that separates the sheep from the goats. He is not merely talking about Republicans and Democrats. Paul shows the differences between the two major fundamental patterns of thought and political value systems that move America to the left or right, toward moral courage or to a culture based on death rather than life.

In Feeding Lions, you can read an excellent description of the need to return back to the values which built America into the greatest nation in the history of humankind. Paul A. Ibbetson's excellent book is a call to renewal and you must get your own copy of a great book written by someone like you...someone who tells the truth.

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