Written by Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer


by Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
Human Life International

One of my most memorable experiences in Marine Corps boot camp was the lesson of integrity. Certain infractions of the strict code of discipline were considered "integrity violations" such as lying or undermining the chain of command, etc. We all implicitly understood that term to mean the breaking of rules of conduct or ethics that bind men together for the common mission. We did our best to avoid committing any violations of integrity, not merely to avoid penalties, but more so because we sought to form ourselves as honorable, trustworthy men deserving of our uniforms.

Ironically, the country our honorable Marines serve is currently being led by a President who has begun his term of office with an extensive list of "integrity violations," setting new lows for integrity in American history, and on the way to shredding the last bits of moral fiber left in our nation.  But this is what we get when we elect a confirmed champion of the culture of death to the highest office of our land.

Count with me a couple of these violations that occurred in the President's first two weeks in office:

I could go on but I won't. One just wonders what the word "shame" means any more.

The icing on the integrity cake, however, is Mr. Obama's recent call to limit the compensation of the CEOs of corporations that receive government bailout monies. There are two good reasons (among many) why this move is disingenuous in the extreme: first is that it actually applies to no one at the moment because all those who have already received government bailouts are exempt. Second, keeping corporate executive salaries down will stimulate nothing except the rapaciousness of the vultures in Congress who want more sectors of American society under their control.

I can think of a number of people whose salaries should really be capped, however, but it would take integrity to call these filthy rich celebrities and sports stars to account for their obscene income in the same period of time in which more than one million Americans lost their jobs:

Integrity is clearly not Mr. Obama's strong suit. His lack of experience, superficial judgment, and penchant for empty rhetoric is now on display for all the world to see, and it is embarrassing. The point of the matter, however, is not that America can't survive such a poor performance. Remember that we did survive eight years of the Clinton regime.  It's that this man is a product of the culture of death and will entirely radicalize our nation's institutions with other immoral and extreme people who share his views. The blood of fifty million aborted babies has clouded our national judgment, and we have chosen to rule over us not just one man, but thousands of his appointees who will likely drive us into oblivion before we wake up and insist on integrity once again.

Personally, I think a few months in Marine Corps boot camp might serve President Obama very well.


Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International

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