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Stimulating Illegal Immigration: Paving the Way for Importing More Poverty

February 7, 2009obama-nation.jpg

American Patrol Report Commentary  
    It is now becoming perfectly clear that the leftist Obama administration will succeed in stimulating something, namely illegal immigration. According to World Net Daily, the bill would supply 300,000 construction jobs to illegal aliens. (visit American Patrol)

Moreover, it would keep the hot button issue of illegal immigration off the stove by bailing out states like California. They do it through a number of devices, including the so-called education-related fiscal stabilization provision that some say will provide more than $20 billion to California alone.

While that issue is still up in the air, it seems clear that California would receive more than $10 billion additional funds for Medicaid.

And there are probably billions more for illegal immigration relief, such as tax credits, buried in the bill of which we, or anyone else, are unaware. The Heritage Foundation says the feds should not bail out irresponsible states

Who is more irresponsible than California?

We said that Obama would paper over the illegal immigration problem in California with billions of Chinese dollars, and we were right.        There is still time to stop this nonsense. Consider signing the Republican Stop The Waste petition and contact your representative.
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