President Klaus: There Is No Global Warming...Again

Written by Right Side News

February 3, 2009
A National Center for Policy Analysis Project
Good to See a World Leader Stand Up for Sound Principles, Says NCPA's Burnett

DALLAS (February 3, 2009) - President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, who now also serves as president of the European Union, once again criticized Vice President Al Gore's climate policies at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

"Finally, a person with an economics background recognizes the current proposal to fight global warming would hurt the economy and do nothing to help the environment," said NCPA Senior Fellow H. Sterling Burnett. "It's also good to see a world leader stand up for sound scientific principles and debate of the issues." 

"I don't think there is any global warming.  I don't see any statistical data for that," President Klaus said.  "I'm afraid that the current crisis will be misused for radically constraining the functioning of the markets and the market economy all around the world."

Burnett recently wrote in an editorial in Environmental Protection Magazine that there never has been a scientific consensus that human activities are causing catastrophic global warming, and the so-called consensus view of global warming is beginning to unravel.

"There's good reason the so-called consensus is beginning to unravel, and that's because the actual evidence and day-to-day data are undermining both the theory and climate models on which the over-hyped fears are based," Burnett said.  "Even the public and politicians are starting to wise up and disregard climate action boosters who strive for politicians to ignore reality and believe the models and theories.  People are finally beginning to come to their senses."
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