Exodus: Will the Last American Out of California Bring the Flag?

Written by American Patrol Reports

January 13, 2009
American Patrol Reports
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- January 12
How many days ‘til Aztlan?

 Lou Dobbs: The state of California is facing a mass exodus. The combination of the Golden State's budgetary mess, its soaring unemployment, illegal immigration, and tough business climate has many of its residents saying enough is enough. They're moving out.
Casey Wian: Perhaps. California's image has been tarnished by a crippling economic crisis that has people fleeing. State government is barely functioning. Instead of singing California's praises, Governor Schwarzenegger's tune has changed.
Schwarzenegger: We're heading toward a financial Armageddon. [...]
Dobbs: Well just to get this clear, 135,000 residents are leaving.
Wian: Right.
Dobbs: And 242,000 immigrants -- I presume that's legal or illegal, I don't know which, coming in. Are we saying that it's a net loss of 135 or are we saying it's a net gain of 107?
Wian: It's a net gain in terms of the people who are moving in and the people who are moving out. Of course the people who are moving in are lower educated. They have trouble with the English language often. They have more children. They present more costs to the state of California than those who are leaving the state. And the other thing we should point out is that these numbers are only through July of last year. The economic conditions have deteriorated far further since then. So I imagine when the new numbers come out in a few months we're going to see that the exodus has accelerated, Lou.
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