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January Snowcover Again Highest Since 1967, Running Ahead of 2008

Jan 11, 2009

By Joseh D'Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow
Last winter was extremely snowy for the Northern Hemipshere and indeed the fourth week in January had a record for that week in the record that extends back to 1967.
Larger image here.


The snowcover extent in millions of square kilometers is shown for week 4 in 2008. Larger image here.  The snowcover for week 1 is now available from Rutgers Snow Lab. It is the highest level since the first year of the record 1967, a little ahead of 1985.

Larger image here.

In week 1, we were running 1.37 million square kilometers ahead of last year in the first week of January. In week 2, 1967 diminished and so, our cover may become a record next week.

Will we exceed the 2008 record? Regardless, two years in a row with record or near record hemispheric snow tells you something is changing with our climate. This week's arctic cold in the United States will have many taking notice.

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