American Muslims, No Different from the Rest?

Written by Christopher Logan


January 6, 2009
By Christopher Logan
Over the years many of us have heard over and over again that American Muslims are different from Muslims everywhere else. For years I have been saying that this is not true. Now it is clear that they are just like Muslims anywhere else.  Back in 2006 over 1,000 of them had come out to protest the cartoons of Mohammad in front of the Danish consulate in NYC.

In July of 2006 over 3000 Muslims in America came out in support of the Hezbollah terrorist group over the Israel-Lebanon war. They were cheering for the repeated calls of the destruction of Israel.

Just over a week ago Israel decided that they have had enough of the daily rocket attacks on Israel and began to retaliate against Hamas. As the rockets were flying into Israel all year, I did not see one Muslim protest against the attacks on Israel. Recently American Muslims have come out in several states here in America to protest against Israel and it is getting ugly.

This is a video of the protest in San Francisco. At 1:45 we see Muslims trying to physically attack the Jewish protesters.

Thousands of American Muslims rallied against Israel at Dallas' Dealy Square.
Some protesters called for the death of Israel.

This is a video from Fort Lauderdale Florida. At 3:20 a Muslim tells Jews that the need to "Go back in the oven". As usual Muslims have no problem trying to intimidate those that do not agree with them.

The hatred of Jews that comes from the Islamic world goes way beyond the Israel-Palestine conflict, it stems from Islam itself. Here Ohio Muslim preacher Salah Sultan gives a TV interview in Egypt and explains how Mohammad demands that Muslims fight and kill the Jews.

Hat tip to The Religion of Peace

Obviously American Muslims think that is important enough to come out in support of Islamic terrorist groups and protest against the freedom of expression (the cartoon protests). But they will not hit the streets in protest against the worldwide Islamic terrorist attacks nor will they protest against the worldwide push for sharia law.

It is very clear that American Muslims are going to give us the same headaches that the Islamic community is causing in Europe. It is time for all of us to demand that our government puts an end to all Muslim immigration.


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