Mexico Is World Leader In Gruesome Violent Killings In 08

Written by Michael Webster



January 3, 2009
by Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter

During 2008 Mexico's violent deaths broke historic records raising the death toll to 5,630 execution murders, beating out last years all time record. In 2008, more people lost their lives in Mexico do to violence then were lost in the war torn countries of Iraq and Afghanistan combined. 

Mexican officials said statistics for the number of homicides were still being compiled. But an unofficial tally shows that the Mexican border cities are among the highest death tolls in Mexico. In just the two largest Mexican cities bordering the U.S. Juárez and Tijuana they ended the year with a record high with more than 2,600 killings, most of them attributed to turf wars among drug cartels. Some of those executions were Americans.
Carey- May 2008
Carey Marcella McClintock was brutally murdered on August 31, 2008 in Juarez, Mexico.  She was found in an abandoned house in the desert minutes outside of Juarez.  She had been beaten and stabbed multiple times.  Her family feels that her murder may never be solved by authorities.

According to Mexico's biggest newspaper El Universal in the past four years, 12,061 people have died at the hands of organized crime, 46.5% of them in this past year.  Multi-executions characterized 2008.  In August, a dozen decapitated bodies with signs of torture were discovered stacked in a pile in the state of Yucatan.  In September, 24 bodies were discovered in a nature park near Mexico City, all with coup de grace shots to the head.  Then, in December, nine severed heads in a sack were dumped in a shopping area of Chilpancingo, capital city of the state of Guerrero.

Mexico started off the New Year with a string of more shootouts, killings and kidnappings and it is feared by those in the know that 2009 may even be worse.

In 2008 many Americans were murdered in Mexico.

From Brownsville Texas to San Diego California Mexican cities bordering American cities are where most Americans are being killed by assassinations and executions. Many Americans were kidnapped in the U.S. and taken to Mexico where they were murdered. Still other Americans were abducted and slain in Mexico while visiting, others where shot gangland style in country. Dozens of U.S. citizens have been kidnapped, or held hostage, or killed by their captors in Mexico and many cases remain unsolved. Moreover, new cases of disappearances and kidnap-for-ransom and Americans being killed continue to be reported.

The reach of the violent Mexican drug cartels have targeted and kidnapped and or killed Americans deep into the U.S. on our soil.

Corruption on both sides of the U.S. Mexican border runs deep and can be found in the highest levels of both the Mexican government as well as the U.S.
A high ranking member of the Caldron administration who will remain unknown says, "There is corruption in regards to Narco trafficking in both governments and when there is unlimited cash available that cash finds its way to the powers to be and has no borders when it comes to influence."
The violent and well financed Mexican drug cartels are fighting to take over the Mexican Government in what has become a civil war that the Mexican government refuses to admit. According to newspapers in Mexico "La Familia" is one of the cartels trying to be the government. 

The criminal group "La Familia" has suffered recent major blows through arrests of some of it leaders.  The organization began in 2006, supported by the Gulf drug cartel, with the deceptive purpose of "defending citizens, merchants, businesses and farmers" in place of the legitimate role of the existing government.  With confirmed operations established in 77 cities in the state of Michoacan and in the states of Mexico and Guerrero, including the Federal District, La Familia resorts to the pretense of offering protection, at elevated rates, and threatens with death those who do not accept their terms.  As part of what they call "social work," they have consented to decapitations and executions. 

In areas where they have absolute control, they claim to be dedicated to fighting all crime, thus supplanting the legitimate government.  Besides narco-trafficking, they have extended their criminal activities into other areas, mainly, kidnapping for ransom, human smuggling, gun running and money laundering much of which spills over into the U.S...  In addition to crime, the cartels own or control established businesses throughout Mexico these include strip clubs, other bars and nightclubs, prostitution, restaurants, auto dealers and the sales of stolen American cars, buying and selling beef cattle, farming, buying and selling farm and construction equipment. Much of this activity helps to enhance their goal to over through the current Mexican Government.

On the bright side of this dismal situation if there is one the U.S. Government reports that the Mexican government extradited 10 major drug defendants to face trial in the United States. Those defendants are accused of being associated with some of the most notorious Mexican drug trafficking organizations, including the Gulf Cartel, the Arellano Felix Organization and the Sinaloa Cartel. The defendants arrived recently in Texas and will stand trial in the Southern District of Texas, the Southern District of California, the Central District of California and the Northern District of Georgia.

In announcing the extraditions, Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey said, "The courageous action of the Mexican government in extraditing these 10 defendants - each of whom is accused of major drug offenses or other serious federal felonies - shows the unrelenting commitment of Mexican President Calderon to break the power of the Mexican drug cartels. We stand with him, with Mexican Attorney General Medina Mora, and with all our Mexican law enforcement colleagues, in this fight. Today's extraditions demonstrate that the cartels cannot operate with impunity, and that Mexico and the United States will work together ceaselessly to defeat them."
The extradition of these 10 defendants brings the total number of extraditions from Mexico to the United States to 95 for 2008, the highest yearly number of extraditions from Mexico to date, surpassing last year's record number of 83

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