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Islamic Scholar Says Christmas Is Evil

December 15, 2008
- Anjem Choudary is head of the Society of Muslim Lawyers and has recently issued a condemnation of Christmas and praised the terrorist attacks on civilians in Mumbai, India that resulted in the deaths of 150 and the wounding of hundreds of others. Choudary is the Principal Lecturer at the London School of Shariah and follows militant Islamist Omar Bakri Mohammed.
According to Choudary, any British subject killed in Mumbai got what he deserved because he should not have traveled to India in the first place. Two of the Muslim terrorists in Mumbai were British-born Pakistanis. He believes that non-Muslims are legitimate targets for killing.

Choudary is the chief recruiter and main spokesman for the radical Islamist group, Al Muhajiroun in British. In 2000, he issued a warning to Jews that if they support Israel in any way, they will be legitimate targets for attack.

He has told British Muslims not to cooperate with the police and that he would not warn the police of an impending terror attack! He is considered influential among Muslims and dangerous by the police. The Special Branch intelligence service of the British government monitors his speeches.

Latest Target: Christmas

Choudary claims Christmas is a "pathway to hellfire" and he forbids any Christmas celebrations including having a Christmas tree, decorating the house or eating turkey.

In a statement posted on an Islamic web site, Choudary said:
In the world today many Muslims, especially those residing in western countries, are exposed to the evil celebration Christmas.

Many take part in the festival celebrations by having Christmas turkey dinners.

Decorating the house, purchasing Christmas trees or having Christmas turkey meals are completely prohibited by Allah.

Many still practice this corrupt celebration as a remembrance of the birth of Jesus.

How can a Muslim possibly approve or participate in such a practice that bases itself on the notion Allah has an offspring?

The very concept of Christmas contradicts and conflicts with the foundation of Islam.

Every Muslim has a responsibility to protect his family from the misguidance of Christmas, because its observance will lead to hellfire. Protect your Paradise from being taken away - protect yourself and your family from Christmas.
In 2006, Choudary said the Pope should be "subject to capital punishment" for quoting a medieval emperor who characterized Mohammed as "evil and inhuman." A nun was killed in Somalia by Islamic gunmen angered by the Pope's quote and churches came under attack in the Middle East.
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