Making The Case For Christmas From "Jesusland"

Written by Thomas Segal


tomsegel_b1.jpgDecember 14, 2008
by Thomas T. Segel

Harlingen, Texas, December 13, 2008:  The Christmas season is really in the air.  Last night we joined a group of carolers who visited with children in a Christian community filled with homes that are dedicated to caring for abandoned children and children removed from abusive families.  Along with the sounds of the season they brought armloads of wrapped gifts for the youngsters who ranged in age from one year to their teens.

The next stop for this busload of Santa's helpers was a group home for the elderly, where they entertained a group of smiling and sometimes tearful senior citizens of very advanced age.

This wasn't an unusual evening, because I live in a place that many on the left side of American politics have referred to as "Jesusland".  That is correct, Texas is located right smack in the middle of "flyover" America.  It is the place where the liberal left of both coasts says the unenlightened of America reside.

Two years ago I wrote extensively about the attacks from the left on Christmas.  In one column I quoted a television commentator who claimed that those who live in "Jesusland" or the "flyover" red states of America are course, crass, and really not very bright. They need religious symbols to give them a sense of direction.

His second observation was those in the blue states have more heart and have a greater caring nature.  He said this could be proven by the simple fact that those who live in the blue states have more "safety net programs" and pay far more taxes than those bumpkins in the red states who are tight with their dollars.

The commentator's view that we are living in "Jesusland" may be right.  As I drive around this small Texas city I see huge signs in the parks that say "Merry Christmas".  Some say "Feliz Navidad".  I have lost count of the churches in town and we still have an Invocation at all public meetings.

Our school choirs and bands held Christmas concerts where they sang and played music about the birth of Christ.  The traditional "La Pasada" will be held in another of our city parks.  Local television and radio are filled with real Christmas music and quotations from the Bible.

As for charity, those proclaimed "safety net" programs are for removed from any charitable spirit.  They are mandated by law, which means they are paid with money taken from others under threat of some form of punishment.  All law is forced compliance.

One other thing should be pointed out about those "safety nets" from New York to California.  They are bankrupt and crying out for even more government support.

But, that is another story.  Let us return to "Jesusland".  Here the local television stations, the police, the fire departments, the Rotary, The Lions, the Jaycees.... plus the Salvation Army and all of those many, many churches are reaching out to those in need.  This does not mean similar organizations in non "flyover" states are failing to do the same thing.  Those states are also populated with people who are "course, crass and really not very bright."  They too, need Christian symbols to give them a sense of direction.

The direction we are aiming toward is one of each individual caring about the welfare of those who are less fortunate.  I will quote myself in another article I wrote about the attacks on Christmas as a way of closing out this commentary.

"At the local Rotary Club we are having a program presented by Marines from our reserve unit just returned from Iraq.  These young men, who fought so bravely, are already engaged in a new campaign.  They are seeking "Toys For Tots" and plan on distributing the donations as Christmas gifts to thousands of needy children.  We believe this is the Christmas season and we support all those who honor such celebrations.

"There may be an attack on faith being conducted through the media and ACLU around the country, but none of their voices are being heard, nor are they welcome in this corner of the Lone Star State.  If they should decide they want to spew such hate filled rhetoric in our direction, they should think first about a saying we use to warn all polluters..."Don't Mess With Texas!" (and God Bless Jesusland!...added by RSN)

Thomas D. Segel
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