Winning the Border Battle: New Fencing Turning the Tide

Written by American Border Patrol


sandiego.jpgDecember 11, 2008
 American Border Patrol
Yesterday American Border Patrol performed an aerial survey of the border between Naco Arizona and the Pacific Ocean. According to Glenn Spencer, head of ABP and pilot of the survey airplane, DHS is making impressive progress. "We have seen more real progress in the past six months than in the entire 18 months that preceded it," Spencer said.

    ABP reports that new, more robust fencing has been built all along the border, including a large section east of Nogales and a long stretch from Yuma to Calexico.

    ABP reports seeing construction crews all along the border, including parts of California that had been neglected for years. "They are working to plug most of the major smuggling routes, although much more needs to be done," Spencer said.

    Spencer ran into a Border Patrol agent at the Yuma airport who told him that apprehensions at Yuma were down to about ten per day, or a 98 percent reduction. "The result are coming in and they show that property designed fencing can help win the battle on the border," Spencer said.
    ABP will present the results of its two-year-long study of the border at the National Press Club on January 15th.
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