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A Lawless Nation: Government Helps People Break Law

November 15, 2008
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- November 14  
"They're using identities of American citizens and the IRS is allowing it to happen."

Casey Wian: More than 1,300 illegal aliens near Greeley, Colorado, have been using either stolen or phony Social Security numbers to receive at least $2.5 million in tax refunds, according to local law enforcement officials. (unbelievalbe video clip)

Chief Jerry Garner, Greeley PD: These folks that are here illegally are victimizing American citizens by stealing their identity. Very, very often they are victimizing American citizens who are Latino. [...]

cooke.jpgJohn Cooke, Weld County Sheriff: They're using identities of American citizens and the IRS is allowing it to happen. They know the Social Security numbers are stolen. They don't do anything about it. They don't -- they -- all they care about is getting these people into the tax code system.
Tucker: Those with contracts for less than $100,000 will be exempted from the [e-verify] requirement. It's an exemption that puzzles advocates of immigration enforcement.
Kitty Pilgrim: Well, news today that the Dallas Texas Independent School District provided foreign job applicants with phony Social Security numbers so they could be hired. Now, the "Dallas Morning News" obtained an internal school district report, and the report said the district was told back in 2004 that the policy was illegal, and the report also said the practice wasn't stopped until this past summer.

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