Throw Congress Into the Potomac! Washington TEA PARTY!

Written by RSN

October 18, 2008
Congress Has Taken from Their Own People and Given it to Special Interests
Lets have a Washington Tea Party and Toss Them Into the Potomac
Want to know who has robbed our country and how the biggest Bank Heist in the world was done?
Our own representatives did.  They took us to the bank, emptied our pockets and turned us out. Our Congress needs a total rehaul...haul them right out of their high paying, benefit soaked jobs.  They need to get a REAL job, pay REAL taxes and get their own medical care.  There comes a time when you just got to take care of business, and stand up and take our country back! Where have all to good Americans Gone? We need Heros -- men and women that have backbone and will do the right thing, right now! And listen to the second video where Bush spells out the very plan that has landed us in this mess. All three make the case. VOTE !

                 BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE-Our Government Destroys it All

Throw Bush into the Potomac Too--panderer! Over 400 Billion and more....Bush, you betrayed our trust. Just listen to him and he states the American Dream Downpayment Fund. No Money Down Home buying.

                     2004 Hearings - Democrats Refuse to Reform-toss them too, the bums                                        


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