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Drill Here, Drill Now - Aaron Tippin

October 17, 2008
Link to song below
Country Music Star Aaron Tippin Performs Pro-Drilling Song to Support Energy Independence

It has been less than a month since Congress announced that it will not push for the extension of the offshore drilling ban and already consumers are feeling some relief at the pump.  As many argued, including CFIF, lifting the offshore drilling ban is the first step toward an affordable energy independent future for America.

Even without the ban, it will be some time before drilling begins off our coastlines as the government must first approve the requisite leases.  This process could take months or even years, and may be deemed moot should an anti-drilling Congress and President revisit the ban after the elections.

That's why the "Drill Here, Drill Now" campaign victory will be short lived unless Americans continue to pressure our nation's leaders to support energy independence, which means drilling for oil on American soil and offshore, and to pursue viable alternative energy sources, including nuclear.

In a powerful collision between pop culture and politics, platinum-selling recording artist, songwriter and producer Aaron Tippin's new song, "Drill Here, Drill Now," sums up how many Americans feel, including Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who has Tippin performing the song at campaign events.

Recently, Mr. Tippin joined CFIF's Renee Giachino to discuss energy independence, the campaign to "drill here, drill now," and perform his pro-drilling song on air. 

What follows is the interview originally heard on "Your Turn - Meeting Nonsense With Commonsense" on WEBY 1330 AM, Northwest Florida's talk radio...[Listen to the interview here.]

And turn it UP and Listen to the SONG!

Hello.....Is anybody out there listenin' in Washington D.C.
This is the suffering voice of America crying out for relief
Now I don't know what a gallon of gas costs up on capitol hill
But we sure know what it cost down here in reality-ville
And the damage already done has been a mighty heavy toll
And if we're gonna fix it we gotta start right here at home

Drill here, drill now
How ‘bout some oil from our own soil that belongs to us anyhow
No more debatin' we're tired of waitin' everybody shout out loud
Drill here, drill now

Every time a foreign tanker pulls up to our shore
They got us over a barrel while they bleed us a little more
And think how much it costs just to bring it all that way
And how many American jobs that'd make if we were drillin' in the USA
Oh and God forbid if our oily friends should decide to cut us off
We'd be standin' around with our britches down now listen to me ya'll


Well the winds of change are blowin'
Yes and we recognize that need
But tractors, trucks, cars and planes can't run on tomorrow's dreams
So while we're workin' on the future we can't ignore today
Cuz who knows how much time the alternative might take
Somethin's gotta be done right now cuz friends it won't be long
Before this great big country comes grinding to a halt


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