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Ignoring the Invasion

October 14, 2008
800 Pound Guerilla Can't Be Seen
American Patrol Report

Last week American Border Patrol held a press conference in Tucson to expose government lies about the border. For the first time in fifteen years of holding press conferences, Glenn Spencer reported that no one showed up. He even got an e-mail from a TV reporter who said he had asked his station to cover the story and expressed surprise when they didn't. (see related)

Spencer did get a call from a reporter with the Houston Chronicle asking that he send information on the fence by e-mail. He did, but the reporter ignored the information and continued to repeat government lies.fencegodschildren.jpg

"After decades of working to control the media the liberals are now cashing in," Spencer said. "They will not allow the issue of the border and illegal immigration to enter the presidential debate and Obama and McCain are more than happy to oblige."

Spencer said that the present financial catastrophe has its roots in illegal immigration and affirmative action and if the people don't stand up and defend their country now, America is certainly finished as a unified first-world nation. 
Top: Bush's "fence" protects America -- See larger photo
Bottom: McCain's "God's children" do unto their neighbors 

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