Sheriffs, ACORN, Teacher's Union and More

Written by RPV

October 10, 2008
Jeffrey Frederick: If you haven't heard, Obama recently hired the community activist group ACORN to help him turn out the Democrat vote for the November election. Meanwhile ACORN is under investigation in 15 states for engaging in voter fraud activities.
An ACORN office was raided this week by federal officials on reports that employees falsified forms with fake names and made up addresses. But here's the worst part: ACORN receives tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies through government grants.

That's right; both your and my hard-earned income is being used to help elect Barack Obama.

And we're now seeing more arrogance and disregard for the law in Virginia on behalf of the Democrats: The opposing side is clearly emptying out the playbook and using every tactic imaginable in a desperate attempt to turn Virginia blue - but we can't let that happen.
Get out the vote, and vote out corruption.
Press Release was issued by the RPV
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