Drive the Bums Out!

Written by Sandy Tamel


October 8, 2008
Right Side News
Letter to the Editor
Drive the Bums Out!
by Sandy Tamel
It's time. After 232 years, it's time to once again wrest our great country away from the clutches of a tyrannical government.  We need to outline our grievances and declare our independence. We need a new resolve for freedom. We need to start again. Take up pitch forks, scythes and torches and assault Washington to drive the bums out.

Last week congress passed the largest, most heavily laden with pork, and anti-taxpayer bill ever written. It was immediately signed by President Bush.

The bill provides cover for the political bums who have been panhandling at Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac for years and the Wall Street hucksters whose greed has brought us to the brink of financial disaster.

The bill provides financial assistance to those who have profited from the kind of bad accounting and lending practices that would have gotten any CFO of any corporation fired.

The bill provides those who caused the financial crisis with another chance to do it again.

The bill puts the American Government firmly into the real estate and mortgage lending business.

The bill is a gigantic leap toward socialism.

Governmental tinkering and over-regulating the mortgage lending business led to the meltdown in the first place; a meltdown that endangers a once thriving and powerful economy. "But don't worry," the bums promise, "the tax payer will get back every penny."


If everything goes right.

God willing.

More disconcerting is that both party's presidential candidates signed on to the bill, even though the American people were overwhelmingly against it. Their reasoning was that thousands of people will be affected by no bail-out by Congress.  "Something ... anything ... has to be done immediately." So the "anything" became bad legislation.

Why should baby boomers lose their life's work and future security because of greed on Wall Street and poor legislation and corruption by Congressional members who gained power, money and votes by encouraging companies to make sub-prime loans? I didn't expect Barak Obama to go against his party, but John McCain had a perfect opportunity to insist that the bill be a clean one, devoid of pork and "sweeteners" that do little to alleviate the challenge at hand.

McCain should have made the case that the conservative approach, that of funding the bail-out program with insurance and loans was the best solution instead of leaving the costs to be paid by future generations. But instead of being a champion of the people, he decided to go along with the bums in Washington.

In another arena, the congressional bums have been playing games that will prevent any and all chances of our country becoming energy independent. Barak Inflate-your-tires Obama and John No-drilling-in-ANWR McCain don't get it. Our dependence on foreign oil provides billions of dollars to foreign nations, many of which don't like us very much.

That's money that can be used for tax relief.

That's money that can be used for infrastructure.

That's money that can be used to fight terror.

That's money that can be used for healthcare.

That's money that could have been used for the bail-out.

We need to start punching holes anywhere and everywhere there might be oil and at the same time move toward alternative fuels, that are years away from becoming a viable replacement for oil. Once the alternatives are ready for general use, we can begin to export the oil that we produce to other nations. In the mean time, $4 per gallon gas and high cost heating oil and natural gas sap the buying power away from every American.

The people want to drill. The country needs to drill. But those bums in congress have blocked drilling in areas where the oil and gas are located.

I say, "It all must end here and now." 

We need to replace all the bums in congress (and that's exactly what they are, bums) with new blood, new ideas, and new vitality. In other words, elect new bums, beholding to the people, and not to lobbyists, special interests, and their own selfish interests. It doesn't matter if your current bum votes your way or not. After two terms your bum needs to be sent packing back to the private sector.

If ever there was a time for term-limit legislation it's now. The founders envisioned a government run by citizens, not career politicians. The original intent was for people to serve in government for a season or two and then go back to farming or commerce. The bums in congress need to get back to farming or commerce, industries where the kind of business practices they have been employing for America will lead to their own utter failure.
Mr. Tamel is a writer and teacher at Parkway Christian Academy in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

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