L.A. NOW President Endorses, Supports Sarah Palin

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Octoberr 7, 2008
The New Media Journal
Shelly Mandell, the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women and a life-long Democrat, has broken with her national organization stating that, as an individual, she is supporting Sarah Palin and the McCain-Palin ticket this November 4th.  Calling Palin a "reformer who will break-up the old-boy network, buck the system and get Washington back on our side," Mandell introduced Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee at an October 4th rally in Carson, California.

“Hey, she’s gonna work on persuading John McCain on ANWR, I’m gonna work on persuading her on things of my own,” Mandel said of Palin. “I know Sarah Palin cares about women’s rights, she cares about equality, she cares about equal pay.” Mandell said to a noticeably enthusiastic crowd, adding "This is what a feminist looks like."

The issue of which ticket feminists will support this election became an issue the Democrat National Committee manipulated the delegate counts during the primaries to benefit Barack Obama, doing so under the guise of penalizing Florida and Michigan for not kow-towing to their carefully choreographed primary schedule. The issue was further enflamed when Barack Obama snubbed Hillary Clinton in his selection of a running mate, ignoring or perhaps dismissing wide-spread support among Democrat women and her historical run for president.

For their part, the Clinton's have been quite complimentary to Palin while offering a muted, if not half-hearted endorsement of the Obama candidacy. Commenting on Sarah Palin's perfromance in her debate with Democrat vice presidential nominee Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton said, “It is amazing, you know, she’s been thrust in the spotlight with very little national preparation and I think, all things considered, you saw a very composed and effective debater.” Bill Clinton added, “I come from Arkansas, I get why she’s hot out there.”

Shelly Mandell's support of Sarah Palin and the McCain-Palin ticket comes in the wake of a movement crafted by former Hillarey Clinton supporters called "P.U.M.A." to get behind Sarah Palin's Executive Branch run as a way of showing their discontent with Democrats for "stealing the election" from Hillary Clinton. The percentage of Democrat women said to be angered to defection over their disenfranchizement is said to be close to 15 percent, a number that could be significant at the ballot box.

Mandell, the president of one of the most significant chapters of N.O.W., closed by saying, "I am here today proud to support Sarah Palin...It is an honor to call her sister."

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