Obama Campaigned for Radical Kenyan Raila Odinga

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barack_obama_raila_odinga_kenya_2006.jpgOctober 6, 2008
Barack Obama & Raila Odinga
Posted earlier this year and the reason they are being publised again are simple.  We the people need this man investigated and the truth discovered.  Any other Presidential, or for that matter, Senatorial candidate would be investigated, vetted, back ground check, birth certificate authenticated.  Why is this man being treated differently?

Barack Obama: Kenyan Jihadi
by Kurt Schulzke

Barack Obama's family and political connections to failed Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga (pictured here with Obama in 2006) and others seeking to Islamicize Kenya should be deeply disturbing to American voters. Most Americans have no idea that Kenya is literally on the cutting edge of the global jihad thanks, in part, to the efforts of one Barack Obama.

Given the apparent Democrat decision to choose Obama as their offering for U.S. President, it's time that the rest of America educate themselves as to who Obama really is and what he really stands for. It's a scary picture - far scarier than I ever imagined. A couple of months ago, I was actually talking about voting for this guy if Romney bowed out. Not any more.

Who is Odinga and why should Americans care about his close ties to Barack Obama? The story is so big with so many tentacles it's hard to decide where to begin the telling. Key players include Barack Obama, Obama cousin Raila Odinga, Kenyan jihadi Sheikh Abdullahi Abdi and Obama's father and mother. We'll start tonight with Obama and Odinga. Later, we'll try to fit other pieces into the sordid international puzzle that Barack Obama brings to the U.S. political table.

Of greatest concern to Americans should be what Obama's moves in Kenya say about his likely willingness to encourage global jihad. We're not talking here about merely pulling troops out of Iraq. This guy, Obama, campaigned for his jihadi cousin, Odinga, in 2006 as Kenya was preparing for the vote in 2007.

In his failed bid to topple the current Kenyan president, Odinga allegedly entered the written agreement linked below with Sheikh Abdullahi Abdi. In it, Odinga agreed, among other things, to make Islamic Sharia law the law of Kenya if the Sheikh would deliver the votes to put Odinga over the top (click here for more)

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