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Barack Obama Stands for Change

October 6, 2008
A video compilation showing the Change Obama has campaigned for in the past and continues today.
As we near the election, who will the people choose? Obama stands for Change, but what kind of change.  Here is a video of his role with Raila Odinga, his cousin, and some say his uncle. Obama says they are not related. So, who is telling the truth?  The first video shows Raila Odinga as an Islamist symapthizer calling for a ban on Christian practices and the establishment of an Islamic state in Kenya, one that would also harbor terrorists?  Obama is shown as campaigning for him.  
Why has the FBI not performed a back ground investigation of Barack Obama. Why hasn't the FBI done a thorough investigation of his questionable authenticity concerning his birth certificate.  Why hasn't the FBI investigated his relationships with Bill Ayers and those at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 

There are too many questions and too many different answers.  The American People need to know and the investigations needs to take place.

You will see Obama and Odinga together and looks like they are know each other and have an decide. SNOPES sheds doubt on their relationship. We need answers and those answers need to be solid and proven.

Obama Backing Islamic Terror Regime in Kenya

Then watch these in sequence and afterwards, who are you going to vote for on November 4, 2008?

1- Barack Obama and his Kenyan cousin Raila Odinga -


2- Children Singing for The Dear Leader, Comrade OBAMA

3- Obama Youth - Junior Fraternity Regiment - Brown Shirts in the Making?
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