Palin Derangement Syndrome 2: Attack of the Hatemail

Written by Cinnamon Stillwell

cstillwell.jpgFriday, October 03, 2008
 Cinnamon Stillwell

As much as we like to think otherwise, human behavior is fairly predictable, and sometimes ironically so. Muslims reacting to depictions of violence within the Muslim world (during the Danish cartoon controversy) with, well, violence, comes to mind.

This time around, it's been Obama supporters responding to my SFGate column on Palin Derangement Syndrome with, well, Palin Derangement Syndrome.

The avalanche of e-mails I received (not to mention the 913 comments at SFGate) was evidence of the collective nervous breakdown that has met Sarah Palin's arrival on the political scene. It was all there: the condescension, elitisim, sexism, paranoia, personal attacks, and irrational hatred.
As a female conservative, I got a taste of the onslaught Palin has endured. And as with Palin, all sorts of false and ridiculous assumptions come with the territory. But as a certain Southern gentleman I know puts it, "A hit dog will holler. "

Other readers confirmed the backlash I suspected was brewing among Democrats and independents, all disgusted with the campaign of personal destruction Obama's supporters (including the obsessed media) have been heaping on Palin. To hear many of them tell it, particuarly self-described Hillary Democrats (or PUMAS), the McCain/Palin ticket will be getting their votes.

Obama supporters continue to insist otherwise, but this may be a case of wishful-thinking. So too the flurry of bogus polls (read more here and here) in the MSM showing an Obama lead in recent weeks. And the predictions of Palin's failure in last night's vice-presidential debate never did pan out. When a movement starts believing its own hype, unpleasant surprises tend to come with the territory.

As for the ongoing scourge of PDS, I tried to warn Obama supporters about the consequences, but would they listen? Not if their hatemail was any indication. I've posted the worst of the worst at the Hatemail page of my website (which had already provided fodder for a "Best of..." column), and I include them below for your reading, er, pleasure. They are edited for length and profanity, but I left the spelling and punctuation intact. And be warned: rough waters lay ahead...(CONTINUE...)

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