Eight Tax Policy Questions for Senators John McCain and Barack Obama

Written by TaxFoundation.org

September 27, 2008
With 39 Days Left in Campaign, Tax Foundation Wants Answers from Presidential Contenders

Washington, DC- In the midst of a financial crisis, and with the economy as the number one issue this election, the Tax Foundation is asking Senators John McCain and Barack Obama to answer eight questions about their tax proposals and their philosophical objectives when it comes to fiscal policy.

Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge urges the Republican and Democratic nominees for the Oval Office to clarify their positions on specific tax issues and the goals they want to achieve through the tax code.(202) 464-5102.

"While our scholars have done comparative studies on the candidates' tax plans as well as analyses of specific items, including McCain's health credit and Obama's senior tax relief proposal," says Hodge, "the Tax Foundation is looking for answers to very important questions that will determine the fiscal future of this country."

The following are the questions to Senators McCain and Obama:

To learn more about Presidential tax proposals, go to http://www.taxfoundation.org/candidates08/.

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