Palin's Alaska is a Sanctuary State?

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September 20, 2008
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Some folks have been wondering where Sarah Palin stands on the issue of illegal immigration, well, unfortunately I'm not sure the news is good.Alaska is considered a sanctuary state. Judicial Watch says... "Some states-such as Alaska, Oregon and New Jersey-actually have blanket sanctuary laws. In fact, New Jersey passed legislation in 2006 that bars law enforcement agencies throughout the Garden State from asking about immigration status."


They also receive a listing at the Sanctuary Cities web site... "ALASKA IS A SANCTUARY STATE AND HAS ONE OR MORE CITIES OFFERING ILLEGAL SANCTUARY "

So what is Sarah Palin's position on Ille..., I mean Comprehensive Immigration assault?

To quote our good buddy Digger: Who knows?

However we can infer that at the very least in her two years as governor she has taken no action against Alaska being a sanctuary state, a Mexican consulate is being welcomed to the state, and so far as we know Alaska still offers driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

So the very best you could say is that Mrs. Palin supports illegal immigration through inaction. We will be curious to hear what Mrs. Palin has to say as she introduces herself to us on the stump.

Update: Okay I'm taking quite the beating in comments, which is perfectly fine, however let me challenge y'all a little bit here. First, let's apply the fairness test: would you extend the same slack to a Democrat candidate?

Second, Rhonda says: I believe Ms. Palin needs a little bit of slack on this issue because of the high amount of labor-intensive jobs in Alaska, coupled with extremely low population, even among the native Inuit indians there.

But as Patrick Cleburne noted recently on Vdare:

Forty years ago, the pay in this activity was so high - almost $20 an hour in today's money - that it attracted Wellesley student Hillary Clinton.

Now the Cannery Industry has forced down real wages more than 60% of that by importing immigrants, many probably illegal. As Rob Sanchez reported here, it goes to almost comic lengths to avoid recruiting Americans.

So now we have an Immigration question for VP nominee Palin: does she approve of the elimination of Americans in this part of one of Alaska's crucial industries, by the wholesale import of low wage immigrants?

So we're now okay with illegals taking jobs from Americans and being used by unethical employers to drive wages down because Sarah Palin rocks? Pardon me while I scoff. This is the worst sort of partisan hackery folks. Look, this isn't an attack on Sarah Palin, if you read back a couple of posts you will see that I like her, but, a fellow blogger asked the legitimate question ‘where does she stand on illegal immigration?'

And now your telling me you don't care? Alaska is a state that has welcomed illegal aliens, Sarah Palin did nothing about that, perhaps y'all are right and she was just getting to it, maybe you're right that its not that big a deal in Alaska, then again, maybe your dead wrong and making excuses you would make for no other politician on earth because you like her.

Am I wrong?

Update II: Okay, that last update was a little harsher than I meant it to be, two things, I don't know where Sarah Palin stands on this issue, and neither do you, which of course is why I wrote the post. I feel like y'all think I'm attacking here, but I'm not. This is a legitimate line of inquiry. I will admit to some surprise at what seems to me to be a reflexive defense of Mrs. Palin when none of us have any idea whatsoever what her position might be.

Also, I have an email in to the head of the Alaska chapter of the Minutemen, hopefully they can give us some insight into this issue.
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