Why the Current Energy Bill is Bad for Americans

Written by Sue Myrick


September 18, 2008
Myrick Votes Against House "Energy" Bill
Sue Myrick Rep N.C.

Last night, the House of Representatives voted on an energy bill.  This bill - among other things - did permit a limited amount of off-shore drilling.  I have long supported efforts to increase American oil and gas production; I even introduced a bill earlier this year to allow states to opt into drilling within 100 miles of their coasts. 

But I voted against last night's bill for a number of reasons:

You've seen rising gas costs.  You've experienced the difficulty in finding gas over the past few days as a result of Hurricane Ike.  The House of Representatives had the chance last night to enact meaningful solutions to our energy problems.  Unfortunately, the bill we voted on yesterday was more about politics than about what was best for YOU.  I was elected to do what is best for my constituents and my country.  I could not, in good conscience, support a bill that would guarantee an increase in your utility costs and do nothing to help solve America's energy crisis.

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