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Stop Ahmadinejad's Visit to US

venezuelan_president_hugo_chavez_greets__iranian_president_mahmoud_ahmadinejad.jpgSeptember 18, 2008
Immediate Release, please forward and distribute freely. He really should be arrested when his foot hits the ground.
"We American citizens opposed to the visit next week in the US of Iranian madman Ahmadinejad need to mount a SERIOUS, AGGRESSIVE mobilization to support the efforts of US Senator John Barrasso in demanding the State Department deny the Iranian president a visa to enter this country"
And just this week, his Parliament has passed measures that would give the death penalty for Christians, Baha'is, Muslim Dissenters for apostasy.

Now is the time for citizens, organizations, political, religious and public interest groups to take meaningful action.  For the past several years, we have all decried Tehran's sponsorship of global terrorism and pursuit of nuclear weapons in open defiance of the international community. We have advocated for economic, political and diplomatic sanctions to deter Iran's nuclear ambitions and have urged unflinching toughness against this rogue regime that openly and brazenly has called for the destruction of America and our ally, Israel.

Many rallies are planned around the country next week to protest Ahmadinejad's appearance before the United Nations.

As important as they are in making a symbolic statement, they are largely reactive.  It is much more effective to be PROACTIVE and stop him from entering our country, thus denying him a venerated international forum  to advance his deadly designs.

It is urgent to ACT NOW!  Contact the US State Department and the White House (numbers below) to press Senator Barrasso's principled position that Ahmadinejad be barred from entering this country. And then call your US Senators to urge them to join Sen. Barrasso, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations  Committee, and colleagues in the Senate who have signed his letter to Secretary of State Rice. Senator Barrasso's op-ed, published this Sunday in the Washington Times, is pasted below for your reference.

And why not call the offices of Senators Obama and McCain to see where they stand on this as well. A call should also be made to Senator Joe Biden, chair  of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. We need to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions....and their failure to act.  Let's see where they stand and let's publicize their willingness to go on record here and take a stand with Sen. Barrasso.  And then, use email lists, editorials to local papers, media outlets in our own communities, etc. to promote an informed electorate.  The Administration and US Congress need to know we are watching and have expectations of them to deny Hitler's reincarnation the opportunity to defile our soil, our country and the memory of the US servicemen and women killed in Iraq by IEDs and insurgents compliments of Iran.  

Here are important phone numbers. Blast emails to all your lists and contacts. We must deny Ajmadinejad a platform to advance his genocidal aims. 

US State Department:  202-647-4000

White House:  202-456-1111

US Sen. Barak Obama:  202-224-2854
US Sen. Joe Biden:  202-224-2235

US Sen. John McCain:202-224-2235

For those of us in Michigan: (sub in your own US Senators and their DC numbers)

US Sen. Carl Levin 202-224-6221
US Senator Debbie Stabenow 202-224-4822

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