Islamist Blitz New York City During Ramadan

Written by RSN


September 15th, 2008
Islam in Action
During late July the Islamic Circle of North America announced that they would be blitzing 1000 NYC subway cars with ads promoting the religion of Islam starting on September 15th during the month of Ramadan. The ads of course will try to put a peaceful spin on Islam with an obvious goal of trying to downplay all the problems that many Muslims are causing across the world. (with sources permissons, there is added material)
The group's leader, has defended convicted bomb-plotters and called the FBI and CIA the "real terrorists." We must counter their month long ad blitz. Please download these fliers and distribute to others exposing the radical core of this Imam.  The flyer's were made with the help of OldGuy a friend who runs the message forum OutCast Conservatives. It is an adult based conservative forum with out all the childish insults. All people are welcome, and I encourage people to sign up .

To print up the fliers please click on the following links. (A fourth will be added later today.)
Islam the Ugly Truth
Ramadan the Month of Imposition
About the Islamic Circle of North America

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