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Al Gore's Carbon Empire: Cashing in on Climate Change

sppi_orange.pngSeptember 12, 2008
Written by Capital Research Center, Fred Lucas 
Summary: Al Gore says everyone will benefi t when new government rules require companies to pay to reduce global warming. But some people will benefi t more than others, as will some companies. Benefi ting most are those like the ex-vice president who can set up and invest in companies that will profi t from the federal regulations imposing heavy costs on others.

In late May, Al Gore traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel to pick up $1 million. That's the amount he received for winning a Dan David Foundation award for his environmental work. In his acceptance speech, Gore repeated his long-familiar sentiment, "We do face a planetary emergency."

The Dan David Prize is just the latest honor received by the former vice president, who in 2007 won an Oscar, an Emmy, and the Nobel Peace Prize (which he shared with the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Gore's share of the Nobel Prize was $750,000.

Gore said his prize money - the Nobel purse and 90% of the Israeli award - would not go into his bank account. Instead, he announced that it would support his Alliance for Climate Protection, a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit dedicated to combating global warming. The Alliance also received the proceeds Gore received from An Inconvenient Truth, his Oscar-winning fi lm about global warming. Gore's gestures are presented as acts of generosity, but one wonders how much Gore stands to profit from his non-profi t activities. The Alliance for Climate Protection anounced over the next three years on an advertising campaign called "We Can Solve It." All that tax-exempt tax-deductible money is supposed to raise public awareness of global warming so that Americans will push lawmakers to take action to curb climate change.

Go to the "We Can Solve It" website [] and you will be urged to tell your friends about the importance of caring for the planet. You can sign a petition supporting a global warming treaty and .....continue to 
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Right Side News found this report on the Science Public Policy Institute website and the report originates from the Capital Research Center.  This report gives the reader keen insight into the Gore Empire and is a must read for every American.
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