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Take a Walk with Governor Palin in Juneau

palin-scott.jpgSeptember 1, 2008
Alaska HDTV-What an amazing Alaska HDTV show!
Originally fimed earlier in the year, take a walk with Governor Palin (video below).
This had to be one of the best adventures I’ve taken, and Juneau is an incredible place. Since 1906 this has been the Capital of Alaska, so the history and culture is rich in Juneau – Sharing this part of Alaska was tops when Governor Sarah Palin joined us on a short hike up to her office in the capital!

See back in 1880 two guys Joe Juneau and Dick Harris were led by a Tlingit chief named Kowee to local gold reserves at Snow Slide Gulch. Juneau would never be the same as stampedes of miners soon led to the formation of a mining camp. In 1906, this camp had grown and evolved into a district government and capital of Alaska. A little known fact is that Juneau was first named Harrisburg after Dick Harris, but Joe Juneau - as a result of some very effective political arm-twisting at a miners’ meeting in 1881 - won forever the name of Alaska’s capital city. So many today have mixed opinions about Juneau. Some complain because the rainfall averages some 50+ inches each year, but that’s typical for southeast Alaska! It’s the history, people, and adventures that are accessible in and around Juneau that make it one of my top spots. In my opinion and in few words – Juneau is not to be missed. Go! 


The walk with the Governor begins after the advertisements

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