Reality Fabrication

Written by Peter W. Wright

peterwrightweb.jpgBy Peter W. Wright,
Right Side News
It is hard to count the mistruths, fabrications, and outright lies of Bill Clinton's speech tonight. His speech was rousing for the party faithful but lacking in substance and fact. One would have to ask if the Democrat party is the gullible lead by the manipulative, or merely the refuge of the dysfunctional.

President Clinton stated that Barak Obama was the product of "equal opportunity." How? If opportunity was equal when Obama was accepted at his Ivy League university, he would have had to compete with everyone regardless of his "ethnicity." In fact, many more intelligent and qualified white students were denied the educational opportunity Obama was given through "affirmative action," not "equal opportunity." How our society has suffered due to this malfeasance is anyone's guess.

President Clinton also stated that Republicans want to keep tax cuts for the rich and this is going to adversely affect our society. How? Can these people not reference and understand the basic lessons of the economy? President Kennedy proved that decreasing taxes leads to an increase in government revenue.

Now, John Kerry is on the tube ranting about the “lies” of the “Swiftboaters.” Too bad he has never refuted their eyewitness testimony. That is because he is the one lying, not the Swiftvets. Never has it been more obvious that the Democrat party is the oblivious lead by the incapable. I am going to have to clean my TV with disinfectant. Oh, and get used to the idea that I am wealthy, at least until November.

Peter W. Wright is a technology entrepreneur with world-wide experience, and a Sleuth of the Realm of The Clue Society.
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