Democrat Disconnect

Written by Peter W. Wright

peterwrightweb.jpgBy Peter W. Wright,
Right Side News
Many things came to mind during Hillary Clinton's speech to the Democrat National Convention tonight but the one that stuck was her assertion that the Democrats are "for" the small business owner. I am one of those. I am making preparations to be a medium sized business owner so I had to parse the true meaning of Hillary's statement.

I remember what happened the last time these people were in power. My business was growing nicely but taxes went way up. This kept us from hiring additional employees which would have further improved our business. I would have paid more taxes, and we would have had more employees paying taxes and FICA. It took several years for high taxes, the Internet bubble, and the failure of the FCC to liberate the "last mile" of bandwidth to turn the economic ship of state into a moderate recession.

Now, the economy is strong. I base this on the performance of my manufacturing clients and their ability to pay their bills, not the harping of the traditional media. So, the Democrats' solution to this is to raise taxes on everyone but the lowest performers. The fact is everyone benefits when business owners have the wherewithal to hire more people and pay their benefits. Tax receipts increase. Everyone profits.

It seems the Democrats are lying. They cannot possibly be for what they say they are for and be for what they are for. Even the most casual observer knows taxes modulate the economy. Perhaps most Democrats do not qualify as observers. They do not even question the anomalies their leaders espouse.

Peter W. Wright is a technology entrepreneur with world-wide experience, and a Sleuth of the Realm of The Clue Society.
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