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Rumspringen for Liberals and other assorted lefty folk

August 26, 2008
What might happen if Liberals had to start from scratch?
Found on Brutally Honest Blog
Posted his guest blogger Mommynator.

My mind sometimes works in a roundabout way. One thought will lead to another subject, leading to something completely different (a la Monty Python). And so synapses today started firing in interesting patterns after viewing some photos of the more exotic species of liberals protesting the democrat convention in Denver.

There were anarchists, communists, pro-abortionists, pro-Hillaryists (the only ones I had an atom of sympathy for), the usual gaggle of envirowhackos, the code pinkos and the just plain bizarre. One part of me wanted to laugh hysterically because they haven't a clue about real life. The other part of me - well, the synapses like I said started firing in strange ways.

And somehow, my mind went to the Amish idea of Rumspringen - where they allow their 16-year-olds about a year of secret rebellion - dress like worldly teens, listen to the music, go out and get drunk or stoned, whatever, and at the end of that year, each young man or woman decides whether to stay in Amish society or leave. There was a reality show based on that a couple of years ago and it was very interesting.

We are in the television age of reality TV. Most of it is dreck, but there have been some interesting experiments. So let's take it to the next level.

The synapses fired again and I thought, wouldn't it be interesting to take an assortment of these folks and drop them in the middle of nowhere with minimal resources and let them live out their dystopian dreams?

Here they are, with only the clothes on their backs and maybe some water. They would have to build shelter, find food and reliable sources of water, discover fire and the wheel and BUILD A SOCIETY. They could build it any way they wanted to, based on their ideals about how evil capitalism is and how wonderful socialism or anarchy is. They could have no religion or morals or ethics. They could fornicate like rabid bunnies.

They could worship the earth and try to minimize their human footprint. They could strive with/against Nature in order to continue living. They could have no carbon footprint other than what they breathed out, and no methane footprint other than what they . . . well you know.

They would have NO access to any modern technology. None. No cell phones, computers, iPods, TV. No means of producing cloth or clothing or shoes or coats or gloves. No cars or public transport. No planes or trains. No central heating or air conditioning or even fans. No refrigeration or ovens.

No medical attention, no medicinal drugs, no bandaids. No antibiotics. No dental care. No hygienic products (not that many of them look like they use them an awful lot) or feminine hygiene products (blech).

They would have no access to wine or beer or other stuff, no maryjane or snort or anything else used to take the edge off and make life merry.

They would have to start, literally, from scratch.

Find seeds to plant, hunt animals for meat (what a shocker for vegetarians and vegans) and leather. They would have to learn how to make weapons and use them to kill.

Basically, they could starve and become disease ridden, cold, hot and naked after what they were wearing wore out.

Without any of the skills that make the hundreds of things they take for granted (and damn the companies that actually make them and make them for a profit so more things could be made or grown or manufactured), that's exactly what would happen.

None of them has the slightest clue about what really makes a community or society let alone a country work.

Try to get people whose highest good is their own self gratification and the imposition of their loud mouthed ideals on others, to cooperate in the hunt, to plant, to build, to find and divert water for their own use. Try to get them to agree on anything about who should do what when and how.

It would make Lord of the Flies look like a parliamentary procedure.

Because they would be reduced to totally unredeemed Man, having rejected everything that has made people civilized and civil towards one another (even in war) - all the great ideas from the Chinese to the Egyptians to the Jews to the Greeks and Romans - who were actually interested in what is true and what is practical. They won't even be able to rise to Terry Pratchett's civilized atheism.

Any TV producers out there up to the challenge?

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