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19 Av 5768
August 20, 2008
olmert7_m.jpgNo Restraint the Next Time

Should Hizbollah decide to attack northern Israel again, Israel will not hold back, said Prime Minister Olmert yesterday.  Intelligence reports have indicated that Hizbollah has been arming itself with weapons designed to target civilians.  In response, Olmert said that the Home Front Command will be more critical to Israel than ever before.

I can personally attest to the fact that massive army exercises have been going on in very recent days here in the Galilee.  IAF jets have roared overhead multiple times in the past 24-36 hours and major drills are underway on the Golan Heights and in the upper Galilee areas.

During a visit to the IDF Homefront Command's headquarters, Olmert noted that Israel had "massive capabilities and tools during the Second Lebanon War that it refrained from using, because it was fighting a terror organization, not a state." 
If Lebanon becomes a "land of Hizbullah", which is apparently happening to a great extent, the rules of the game will change. Olmert suspects that a Hizbullah-led Lebanon will lead to a war in which Israel will be under a comprehensive attack. "There will no longer be a situation of distant fighting, where major cities continue with life as usual. The war will reach the cities and homes of Israeli citizens and our enemy's objective will be to target the homefront," he elaborated. 

At that point, "we will bring an end to hostilities quickly, at the smallest possible cost, using our comparative advantage," Olmert said.

rocket.jpgWhat Truce?

Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the commercial crossings from Israel into Gaza closed after yet another rocket was fired into southern Israel last night.  Despite the so-called 'truce',
rockets continue to fall on the Israeli side of the border.

Palestinian gunmen launched a Qassam rocket from northern Gaza towards Israel on Tuesday evening. The rocket landed in an open area in a kibbutz belonging to the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council.
No injuries were reported and no damage was caused. In recent weeks construction has begun in parts of the kibbutz to fortify buildings against rocket attacks.   More than 20 Qassam rockets have been fired towards the western Negev, as well as numerous mortar shells. Local residents say the attacks have become daily, and many worry the fragile truce may be at an end.

putin1.jpgRussia Deepening Alliance with Arab World

Syrian President Bashar Assad is scheduled to leave for Russia on Wednesday for a two-day visit that has been described by analysts as important at a time when Moscow may be considering closer ties with the Arab world.

Syrian media have described Assad's visit to Moscow as "a working visit" to discuss closer ties in a variety of unspecified areas.

A number of reports in recent months have mentioned large arms deals between Russia and Syria, including advanced anti-aircraft missile systems.

Russian and Syrian analysts have said that Israel's military assistance to Georgia has paved the way for a particularly successful visit for the Syrian president, whose country has taken a clear stance on the side of Moscow in the recent conflict in the Caucasus.

It is no coincidence that one day before Assad's arrival, Russian Deputy Chief of General Staff Col.-Gen. Anatoly Nagovitsyn accused Israel at a Moscow news conference yesterday of arming and training the Georgian military.

"The significant military assistance provided by Israel to Georgia in its war against Russia will affect in the future - and probably in the near future - ties between Russia and Israel, and Russia's attitude toward Arab states," a Russian analyst said in an interview to Syrian television. "Russia will re-examine its ties with Israel, and it is not unlikely that Moscow will now decide to increase its military assistance to Arab countries in conflict with Israel, including Syria."

Gaza Women Training as Suicide Bombers

The cease-fire agreement struck between Israel and Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip has brought a semblance of calm to the region, but neither side has stopped preparing for the possible renewal of violence.

In Gaza, Islamic Jihad members recently offered TV cameras a rare glimpse into training undergone by women who are prepared to carry out suicide attacks against Israelis when the truce comes to an end.

The inspiration for these women is Fatma Al-Najar, a 57-year-old grandmother who blew herself up in Gaza in 2006, killing 3 IDF soldiers.

To view the video, click here:
Women Training to be Suicide Bombers

olypla17_m.jpgYEAH !!!!!  OLYMPIC MEDAL FOR ISRAEL!!!!

Israelis are jumping up and down for joy right precisely at this moment as Shahar Zubari has just won the Bronze Medal in the Men's Windsurfing competition in Beijing.

The final race began about the time that I started writing today's report and I've kept one eye on the television as I was writing.  Moments ago, in the final Medal race, Zubari came in SECOND after New Zealand, but in the overall points for the entire Windsurfer competition, he took third place and will be awarded the Bronze Medal.

This is a GREAT moment for us as Zubari receives the first Olympic medal for Israel during these 2008 Olympics.

Zubari, 22, lives in Eilat and his mother is now speaking via telephone with reporters, obviously very happy and receiving all the "Mazel Tov" wishes with great joy, as any  mother would!  
sheetrit.jpgAnother Hat in the Ring 

Internal Affairs Minister Meir Sheetrit launched his campaign for chairmanship of the Kadima party last evening, and stressed the importance of political experience, stating that "the fate of the party and the state can't be gambled away by letting people without experience jump right into senior positions."

"The prime minister does not need to be a general," Sheetrit told supporters at a rally in Holon, adding that he believed it would be misguided to elect anyone who comes straight out of military service or the private sector and whose popularity has grown only from media exposure.

Meanwhile, a supporter of Olmert introduced a petition to delay the Kadima primaries, citing irregularities in the way the date was determined.  The Kadima party's leadership decided to hold a re-vote in the Kadima council on whether the primary should be held, which is expected to pass easily, putting this new petition to rest.

The following link will give you a brief glimpse into Meir Sheetrit.

Who is Meir Sheetrit?
Another Airline Option to Israel from the USA

US Airways wants to offer year-round daily service between Philadelphia and Tel Aviv. The Tempe, Arizona-based carrier said Tuesday it is applying to start service in July 2009, subject to approval by the U.S. and Israeli officials.  It will offer a single daily nonstop flight, will be the longest nonstop segment in the US Airways network, more than 9,000 kilometers.

Relatively long-range Airbus A330-200 planes set for delivery in the spring will operate on the route, the company says. The flights from Philadelphia will take off at 9:15 P.M., Philly time, and land in Tel Aviv at 3:15 P.M. Israel time. In the other direction, the flights will leave Ben-Gurion International Airport at 11:50 P.M. and land in Philadelphia at 5:10 A.M local time.

US Airways, which carries some two-thirds of airline passengers in and out of Philadelphia, began service from the city to London's Heathrow Airport last March. The carrier decided, however, to put off inaugurating another mega-long-distance route, to Beijing, because of the increase in fuel prices. As for Tel Aviv, US Airways had been planning to start service to Israel for more than a year.

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