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Ignoring 'The Perfect Storm' at Our Own Peril

August 15, 2008
By Frank Salvato
The mainstream media and the presumptive nominee from the Democrat Party have done a pretty good job of steering the electorate's attention to issues of a domestic nature. It wasn't hard to do. With gasoline prices hovering around four dollars a gallon, combined with the self-induced but limited financial crisis created by proprietary lenders and a healthcare system that's being raped by grifting lawyers and robber-baron insurance companies, it is easy to understand why voters would fall prey to diversionary tactics of the political power seekers. But we do so at the expense of the well being of our nation. We do so ignoring "the perfect storm."

French Nobel prize winner and reformed communist Andre Gide once said, "The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity." We in the United States, especially those who are politically aware, can identify with this phrase because our political parties have taken to questing for political power rather than the execution of good government. While there are some elected officials who sincerely strive to serve our nation and its people, the great majority of those who inhabit the halls of government - whether at the local, state or national levels - do so to move their political agendas forward and to institute their party's special interests. In doing so they abdicate the duty of their positions in that they are not representing the will of their constituents.

Examples of elected officials placing politics before government are abundant. An overwhelming majority of the American public have expressed, in no uncertain terms, that they want their elected officials to, among other things:

▪ Utilize our nation's natural resources to break from the chains of foreign energy dependence.
▪ Secure the borders.
▪ Simplify and make more equitable the tax codes.
▪ Balance the budget by maintaining fiscal responsibility (read, don't spend what you don't have, keep your checkbook balanced and stop raising taxes to institute new programs of entitlement).
▪ Institute an effective and practical solution for the looming Social Security crisis.
▪ Eliminate foreign aid to countries that consistently oppose the United States on the world stage.

The list could go on and on but the point is clear; politicians consistently put politics, power and financial special interests before the issues most important to the American people: A small, elite group of Progressives, beholden to the environmental lobby, uses their governmental powers to usurp the will of the people by refusing to allow drilling in places we know there are oil deposits; politicians on both sides of the aisle pander to an illegitimate voting demographic in the illegal alien population for fear that if they stand up for America's sovereignty they may be voted out of office by those who shouldn't be voting in the first place; politicians of both major political parties refuse to banish the earmark and reserve the right to raid the government treasury to provide bribes to their constituencies in an effort to garner re-election; the tax code continues to overburden the middle class and penalize the family while expanding entitlement increases the number of those feeding from the public trough and the mega-rich evolve into an elitist class; etc, etc, etc...

But perhaps the most devious, the most troublesome example of elected officials putting political opportunism before good government comes in the form of "the perfect storm."

Our nation faces two enormous threats, one externally and one from within, and we do so without a proper understanding of why we should be fighting them both with every fiber of our collective being.

The mainstream media and the progressive, anti-war left feverishly contend that Iraq and Afghanistan are two separate conflicts - one illegitimate and one poorly managed. They continue to deny - adamantly - that Western Civilization is at odds with the aggressive ideology that is fundamentalist Islam. They do so insisting that dialogue is always the answer and believing that the actions of the United States in the Middle East justify the violence of the jihadi movement.

"The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity."

Facts are stubborn things and the facts surrounding this third major attempt to establish a global Caliphate are no different.

Wahhabists and Salafists like al Qaeda's Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri, Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah and Yusuf al Qaradawi, perhaps the most influential voice within the Muslim Brotherhood, have stated in no uncertain terms that the catalyst for their violent jihadi movement transcends the actions of the United States.

While bin Laden and al Zawahiri used the excuse of US forces in Saudi Arabia as a catalyst to launch their aggression, the rhetoric that surrounds their every action exposes the totalitarian tenets of their religious beliefs. Their Wahhabist beliefs call for the conversion or extermination of the infidel and the institution of Sharia law world wide; the establishment of a global Caliphate.

Hassan Nasrallah - the figurehead of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement and mouthpiece for Hezbollah's creators, the Iranian mullahs - pursues the extinction of Israel and, like his ideological master, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, yearns for the return of the Twelfth Imam, the Mahdi, who can only come when the world is in chaos at the "end of days."

Al Qaradawi and his Sunni Muslim Brotherhood - perhaps the most dangerous of them all - promotes the proselytization of Wahhabi Islam throughout the world. It should be noted that Wahhabi Islam is the brand of radical, violent Islam practiced by Osama bin Laden and all of the 9/11 hijackers.

Understanding that those who believe in Wahhabism and/or Salafism and those who practice the brand of Shi'ite Islam practiced by Ahmadinejad, hold their beliefs as strict religious dogma, understanding that ingenuous dialogue - but for capitulation - with anyone who embraces the strict tenets of radical Islam is then impossible, why would any elected official, true to good government, deny the enormity of the threat posed to the United States and the West by radical Islamist elements?

The second serious threat is less immediate and less violent, but caustic and lethal to the American philosophy and the continued existence of our country just the same. This threat comes from the American Fifth Column; the threat from within.

Emanating from the failed ideologies of Maxist-Leninst socialism and communism, the American Fifth Column dedicates itself to the transformation of the United States from a representative republic to a system of democratic socialism. This movement is personified by the progressive-left that has effectively hijacked the Democrat party.

Those leading the American Fifth Column have instituted a shadow government by instituting a shadow set of laws known as political correctness. They strive to legislate acceptable thought (no hate speech, the Fairness Doctrine) while Balkanizing the country employing the false notion that diversity makes us a stronger nation. Using the simple science of etymology it is clear that diversity is based on division, not unity. This diversity is anchored in the failed ideology of multiculturalism. Examples of how devastating the institution of multiculturalism is to a society can be witnessed in the incremental disappearance of the national identities of all the nations of Europe. Europe is now abandoning multiculturalism in favor of nationalism.

By promoting moral relativism the American Fifth Column strives to move away from the doctrines of Judeo-Christianity and Natural Law; the ideologies our Founders and Framers understood to be essential for a nation that championed individual rights.

Through unconstitutional entitlement programs and the legislation of inequitable tax burden on those who have successfully employed the capitalist system to their benefit, those leading the American Fifth Column strive to artificially create economic equality through the redistribution of wealth. Ironically, those who lead the American Fifth Column have established an elitist class for themselves, as most of them are millionaires (like Nancy Pelosi) and even billionaires (like Peter Lewis and George Soros). They do so to reduce the "influential footprint" of the United States on the world in a quest for a one-world order administered by the elite.

Interestingly, the progressive-leftists of the American Fifth Column are playing the roll - either unwittingly or recklessly - of the useful idiot to radical Islam's quest for a global Caliphate.

So, the people of the United States face these two incredibly potent threats - each which could affect the end of the great American experiment - yet we are apathetic to the threat. Why? Because we face these challenges constitutionally illiterate.

We in the United States - but for those who have served to protect our liberty - stand apathetic to the threats because we do not understand the worth of our liberty, the worth of our freedoms and therefore we cannot adequately value them. Because we do not value our liberty, because we do not understand the worth of our freedoms, it is easier to incrementally abdicate them and to abdicate the responsibility to protect them. In doing so we invite the nefarious - those with ulterior motives, totalitarian quests and special interests - to take on the façade of public servant while they institute ideological agendas that literally kill out nation.

Our educational system has been hijacked by progressive-left ideologues. They rewrite our school's textbooks to place more emphasis on the notion that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, that Benjamin Franklin had a tendency to philander or any number of human frailties possessed by our Founders and Framers rather than exploring the incredible intellect of these men, rather than examining the philosophies that so affected these men that they would create the genius of the Charters of Freedom - the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In today's classrooms the American Fifth Column provides a curriculum short on Hobbes, Locke, Aristotle and Cicero and heavy on tolerance, diversity and the proper use of condoms.

It is time that parents from all over the country - all over the world - embrace the idea that we have to take charge of educating our children. In the long run we have to run for school boards and take an interest in our schools' curriculum development. In the short run we have to engage and support organizations that are sounding the alarm about not only the indoctrination being perpetrated on our children through "special interest education" but the threats we face from dangers internally and externally; the perfect storm.

Edmund Burke is quoted to have said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil

is that good men do nothing." It is time, patriots, to ask ourselves, are we supporting those fighting the good fight? Or are we doing nothing.
Frank Salvato is the Executive Director and Director of Terrorism Research for a non-profit, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) research and education initiative. His writing has been recognized by the US House International Relations Committee and the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention. His organization,, partnered in producing the original national symposium series addressing the root causes of radical Islamist terrorism. He also serves as the managing editor for The New Media Journal. Mr. Salvato has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor on FOX News Channel and is a regular guest on talk radio including on The Right Balance with Greg Allen on the Accent Radio Network and on The Captain's America Radio Show catering to the US Armed Forces around the world. His opinion-editorials have been published by The American Enterprise Institute, The Washington Times & Human Events and are syndicated nationally. He is occasionally quoted in The Federalist. Mr. Salvato is available for public speaking engagements. He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

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