Israeli Palestinian Confrontation Update August 5, 2008

Written by IICC


August 5, 2008

This past week the lull arrangement was maintained and deliveries of goods continued into the Gaza Strip through the crossings without interruption. However, elements within Hamas and the other terrorist organizations have stated that the lull arrangement may collapse because it does not fulfill Palestinian expectations.

Since the series of explosions at the end of July, Hamas has continued its suppression of Fatah in the Gaza Strip. At least 180 Fatah operatives fled to Israel in the wake of the violent confrontations which broke out this week. Israel provided some of them with medical treatment and others were transferred to the Palestinian Authority. The events struck a blow to the prestige of Hamas, which recently boasted of its success in restoring security to the Gaza Strip. 

Important Events 

The Gaza Strip
Quiet in the western Negev towns and villages preserved

This past week quiet was maintained, and the western Negev towns and the villages along the Gaza Strip border were not attacked. No rockets were fired into Israel , although three mortar shells were launched on August 2 and fell in Israeli territory. In our assessment, Israel was not the target, but rather Fatah operatives who fled from the eastern Gaza City neighborhood of Saja'iya to the region of Nahal Oz

Counterterrorist Activities 

The Gaza Strip

This past week as well the IDF refrained from carrying out counterterrorism activities in the Gaza Strip.

Judea and Samaria

This past week counterterrorism activities continued:

•  On July 30 the Israeli security forces detained Fatah operative Taymour Muhammad Sa'id Muhammad Adib Khanduqji. Taymour Khanduqji was involved in the organization's terrorist activities (IDF Spokesman's website, July 30).

•  On August 4 Border Policemen detained a 19-year old Palestinian who came to the roadblock near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron armed with a knife. During interrogation he admitted he had intended to stab the policemen at the roadblock.

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