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The Obama Doctrine: Bringing Us Into Submission

July 28, 2008
Scott Ott
Scotts TownHall Blog
Every time you hear Sen. Barack Obama say that Afghanistan is the central front in the war against terror, you should cringe, and then stock up on imperishable food, gold coin, jerry cans of diesel, and ammo...lots of ammo.

The Democrat presidential nominee has yet to comprehend the nature of the enemy. Frankly, most Republicans are also afraid to call it what it is.

We're not at war against terror. Terrorism is merely a set of tactics used by those who lack the muscle to wage conventional war. Terrorism consists primarily of spectacular acts of cowardice designed to scare women, children and other non-combatants in order to intimidate governments into submission. We're not at war against terror.

We're not even at war against al-Qaeda -- that's just a particular brand name of a product that's distributed worldwide under dozens of labels but contains the same active ingredient. We're at war with people who cling to an ideology that is nothing less than Satanic. Even if you think that Satan is no more than an abstract concept created to represent evil in the human heart, you must know that this wickedness has taken millions captive. It has done so mainly through a particular channel -- Islam -- a word which, appropriately, means 'submission'.

Apparently the words of Mohammed in the Quran are well-suited to convincing people that peace and the worship of God are best achieved by immolating secretaries and stockbrokers in New York City, or exploding retarded women by remote control in the crowded markets of Baghdad. These tactics are seen to advance the cause of Islam, not only among freaks in the radical fringe, but among the silent majority of Muslims who seem quietly happy to read these headlines, and to watch the aftermath video. Western culture in general, Christians and Jews in particular, are finally getting their comeuppance. So what if a bunch of our fellow Muslims are torn apart in the process? Call them collateral martyrs (peace be upon their scorched and severed heads).

Sen. Obama, a man who aspires to be our commander in chief, tells us that a nation called Afghanistan is where this threat dwells. Yet, he says, it does not dwell in Iraq. He tells us we need to get out Iraq. Meanwhile, he says he would send two more brigades of U.S. troops into the misty mountains along the Afghan border with Pakistan, presumably to capture Usama bin Laden, thus winning the war on terror.

Afghanistan is a convenient refuge for the moment for al-Qaeda and the Taliban. When our military secures it, and freedom's song is finally sung among these long-tortured people, what then? Will the enemy surrender for lack of refuge? Is there nowhere else from which he can stage his attacks?

Our enemy is not constrained by geography or politics. His central command center is the human heart, so his places of refuge are legion. You can destroy his arms depots, level his training centers, interrupt his funding, pick off his lieutenants one by one. This we can, and must, do.

But to pretend that you can corner him in Afghanistan, and arrest him or snuff him out, is worse than naive. It's a willful ignorance that will bring us into submission. This is the Obama Doctrine.

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