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Sen. McCain Announces Late White House Bid

by Scott Ott for ScrappleFace
(2008-07-19) — With presumptive President of the United States Barack Obama out of the country, Republican Sen. John McCain, of Arizona, today announced that he intends to challenge Sen. Obama in November’s general election.

Although experts agree that the Democrat nominee has the presidency all but locked up, Sen. McCain told several dozen cheering supporters that he’s "in it to win."

"My friends, this is not just a vanity campaign to position myself for a sweeter advance payment from some book publisher," said Sen. McCain. "I actually intend to be sitting in the Oval Office this time next year."

None of the major TV networks covered the McCain announcement, however, since all of their anchors and reporters were in Afghanistan following the Obama campaign.

Mr. McCain, best known among Republicans for taking principled stands against Republicans, said he would take advantage of his rival's absence to make speeches distancing himself from President George W. Bush.

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