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Fool or Traitor McCain is Either Ignorant of the Facts or Doesn't Care

mccainstill.jpgJuly 15, 2008
American Patrol Reports
Speaking before the National Council of La Raza ('The Race,' not 'El Gente'), John McCain said: "in the global economy, what you learn is what you earn." He then went on to observe that half of Hispanics entering high school do not graduate with their class.

 he Los Angeles Unified School District, once one the finest in the nation, is now at the bottom. Back in 2005, Alan Favish made the case that illegal immigration had destroyed the LAUSD.
    McCain goes on to praise NCLR's magnet schools, but there is strong evidence that they do a poor job at everything except teaching separatism.
    Massive migration from south of the border could destroy America's competitiveness as well as its national identity. But John McCain would increase it.
    In our little video we ask the question is McCain a fool or a traitor? America needs to know.
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