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Obama Advocates American Children to Learn Spanish

July 10, 2008
The following was written by a fellow American, not a journalist or a writer, printed without edit.
"Today, Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama stated that American children need to learn Spanish, and the way he states this sounds like a government mandate that will be executed if he is elected President.    Listen for yourself and you decide. We should be free to decide for ourselves what we desire to learn.  I do believe knowing more than one language would have advantages in certain vocations and professions, but we are a free country Senator Obama and keep your nose and your government out of parental matters. When people leave another country to live in a country where the language and customs are different, it is their duty to learn the language and customs of that country. It is not an American's duty to learn the language of the illegal aliens that come to ours. Obama: The Most Dangerous Man TO America's Identity. I am Proud to be an American, that speaks English and English ONLY, take your globalism somewhere else."
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