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Barack Obama Still Opposes Victory Strategy in Iraq

July 6, 2008
by Steven Beren

Barack Obama has recently tried to "refine" his rhetoric against the war in Iraq, but let's not be fooled - his actual policy in the war against terrorism remains the same.  Like my opponent, Jim McDermott, Obama remains fundamentally opposed to a victory strategy in the war against Islamic fascism.  If Obama were to be elected president, he would seek a rapid timeline for retreat from Iraq.

But in an effort to obscure the weakness of his foreign policy, Obama needs to tone down his verbal opposition to the mission of our troops in Iraq.  Such "refinements" of rhetoric by Obama might become more and more common during the campaign, especially as November 2008 approaches.

Despite their sincere opposition to a victory strategy, Obama and the Democrats know that they can not win the election if the voters clearly realized that once elected, Obama and a Democratic congress would enforce a rapid timeline for withdrawal of troops.  That's why Obama is adopting a strategy of "refining" his terminology.

That strategy choice, by the way, says volumes about where the American people actually stand with regard to the war against terrorism, support of our troops, and the desire for success and victory in Iraq.  With encouraging progress in the military situation and the backfiring of the ultraleft attack on General Petraeus, the "immediate withdrawal" stance of the liberals is not very popular with the American people.

In fact, just as Kerry at the 2004 Democratic convention sought to portray himself as a military hero who would do a better job of fighting and killing the terrorists, we should not be surprised to see Obama similarly claiming he would not retreat, not surrender, not cut off funds, etc.

Obama has already begun to slightly distance himself from the rhetoric of the antiwar movement, and as November 2008 approaches, he might continue to do so in increments. The better to get elected, you see.

Some Democrats, some liberals, and some antiwar activists falsely claim that the 2006 elections represent a "mandate" to "end" the war. However, if it were really true that the American people agreed with retreat from Iraq, there would be no obstacle to Pelosi pushing through their anti-victory policy, and there would be no brake discouraging Obama from proudly proclaiming his misguided, but sincere, "exit strategy." (Besides, even retreat from Iraq would not "end" the Islamic fascist war against us.)

As Kerry failed in 2004, Obama will fail in 2008, I believe. But in order to make sure that this disingenuous effort fails, Republicans and conservatives and others who support victory must hold the Democrats' feet to the fire. We must constantly point out that the sincere desire and sincere goal of Obama and the Democrats is to force retreat from Iraq, and to go back on the defensive with regard to the threat of Islamic terrorism.
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