Muslims Demanding America To Bow To Sharia Law

Written by TVC


June, 2008
TVC News
All over the United States, radical Muslims are pushing companies to bow to Islamic law known as Sharia. They are doing this under the guise of religious freedom, but the political and cultural ideology of Islam recognizes only Allah as the supreme ruler over the world.

Efforts are already underway here in America to introduce Sharia enclaves in some communities.  In these enclaves, Constitutional concepts like one person/one vote would be replaced by Sharia concepts which values a woman’s vote at half that of a man.  In many instances, Sharia law allocates rights based on gender and religion (Islam is the only legal religion) rather than individual rights.  In the United Kingdom and France, such enclaves exist and have caused conflict between Islamists and the country’s civil law.

What Muslims are doing has been referred to as “creeping Sharia” – that is, getting companies, communities and states to change policies in order to force everyone to obey Sharia law, a totalitarian system of regulations that govern Islamic theocracies.  Caribou coffee shops and Church’s Fried Chicken are Saudi-owned companies which operate and manage their employees based on Sharia principles.

In America, creeping Sharia is to be imposed by lawsuits and claims of ethnic or religious discrimination. Examples of creeping Sharia are becoming more and more frequent as radical Muslim groups such as the CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and Muslim Brotherhood either create conflicts between Muslim employees and their employers or exploit such conflicts.

TVC will be publishing regular updates and special reports on the goals of Islam within the United States.

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