Islamist Child Abuse

Written by Joe Kaufman


June 10, 2008
By Joe Kaufman
FrontPage Magazine
islamist-child-abuse.jpgRadical Islam and children’s programming is a strange combination, but when it comes to brainwashing, it’s one that seems to work.  Two prominent Muslim organizations, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and the Muslim American Society (MAS), are currently using the technique to promote their upcoming conference taking place in July.  What seems to be an innocuous attempt by the groups to make kids happy and keep their amusement is actually a crude form of child abuse.  But who is there to stop the abusers?

For the last seven years, ICNA and MAS have had a close relationship with one another.  As stated in June of 2001, on the website Islam Online, “The leaders of MAS and ICNA were in Chicago to attend a strategic planning meeting of the two organizations.  ICNA, a majority of whose members are from the Indian subcontinent, and the predominantly Arab MAS, have recently set an example for Muslim organizations by deciding to merge into a single organization.”

While a complete merger never came to fruition, ICNA and MAS have combined forces for a number of annual events, beginning in July of 2002 for a joint convention held in Baltimore, Maryland.  The closeness between the two organizations makes sense, as they have both been at the forefront of propagating radical Islam in the U.S.A.

Both ICNA and MAS are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun:

  • ICNA or the Organization of Islamic Workers was established in 1971 as the American arm of the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI).
  • MAS was created in 1992 directly by members of the Ikhwan, including the man who is today the international head of the organization, Mohammed Mahdi Akef.

Both ICNA and MAS have had individuals within their respective organizations that have been associated with terrorist activity:

Both ICNA and MAS have used the internet to laud terrorist organizations and spread violent hatred against non-Muslims.

And both ICNA and MAS have been cited during recent terror trials:

This July 4-6, the two Islamist groups will once again get together, for their 33rd ICNA-MAS Convention, titled ‘Islam: Key to Peace and Happiness.’  Along with the normal cadre of extremist speakers – including “unindicted co-conspirator” Siraj Wahhaj, “wife-beating” author Jamal Badawi, terrorist supporter Mahdi Bray, and a man that was forced to resign from the Virginia Commission of Immigration, Esam Omeish – will be a number of functions aimed at the youngest of boys and girls.

On the convention website, under ‘Events,’ are listed “MCNA – Children Conference Ages 5-13” and “Kids Entertainment (Live Shows & Rides).”  [MCNA stands for Muslim Children of North America.]

Within the majority of pages for the convention site is a graphic depicting a cartoon camel named “Cam Ali” standing on a rainbow with two cartoon birds looking on.  One of the birds is sporting a hijab (Islamic veil). 

The graphic links to an elaborate website, CAMALI.TV, made specifically for kids, featuring big cartoon smiles, children singing, and a handful of games, including a cheap imitation of Konami’s copyrighted video game, Frogger.

Behind the smiles and games is an insidious alternate agenda, one which brainwashes children in an attempt to indoctrinate them into the world of radical Islam.  Like Hamas’s television station that features non-threatening characters, such as a fake Mickey Mouse and a talking bunny rabbit, Cam Ali was created to get kids to believe that involvement in ICNA or MAS is a joyous, worthy and, because of its religious aspect, an entirely holy experience.  The hateful and aggressive facets of the organizations are either hidden or ignored.

The adults that attend ICNA-MAS conventions were once children themselves, so we can only assume that they were subject to the same propaganda, when they were younger.  Like a husband who beats his wife – or in radical Islamist terms, “lightly beats” his wife – the behavior can usually be traced back to how his father treated his mother.  It is this pattern of abuse that keeps Muslim children throughout the world wrapped in psychological chains of hate and violence.

The question is who will be the ones to step in to break the chains and put an end to the pattern, once and for all?
Joe Kaufman is the Chairman of Americans Against Hate, the founder of CAIR Watch, and the spokesman for Terror-Free Oil Initiative.

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