For Those Who Want The Next Election "Right"

Written by Tom Segel


June 9, 2008
tomsegel_b1.jpgby Tom Segel

If you are not a socialist or a person tilted precariously to the left of the political spectrum, there will be very little support for your view of America in the upcoming national election.  With the exception of talk radio and Fox News, little attention will be taken of any conservative position.  Our mainstream media will spend the majority of its time and energy addressing issues that pander to the consolidation of power being promoted in the Democratic Party Play Book.  These are facts and observations that have prompted many who stand on the right side of the political stage to ask, “What can I do to have our message heard?”

Those with a conservative approach to governance will find very little support for their national political ideas and worldview in the traditional press or electronic media.  Most of these have already declared their liberal bias.  The remainder can be branded with the sin of omission, as they will just ignore most political positions that fail to fit their pre-determined template.

So how do you reach out and let your feelings be known?   Thousands upon thousands of your fellow conservatives have found there is an ever-expanding audience for their messages on the Internet.  There are literally thousands of ezines and blogs all eager to fill an always word hungry computer screen.  The right side of political thought no longer is forced into silence.  Added to these publications are the web sites, chat rooms, emails and text messages of our new electronic communication age.  They are all tools, which can be used to great advantage by anyone with a strong desire to have his or her voice heard about the issues of the day.

For example, former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich has American Solutions www.americansolutions.com.  It contains his suggested Platform for the American People. It even includes the “Drill Now, Drill Here, Pay Less” petition that is bombarding Congress. There are also other petitions to sign, newsletters to order, a list of actions people can take on their own to help advance their conservative political views.

A variety of conservative ezines and newsletters will accept letters to the editor and well-written commentary.  Those same letters to the editor can be sent to local newspapers.  However, many people report that if the topic is not liberal in nature, their print media does not publish the letter.

Just about everyone in elected office now has a web site, an email address, or both.  These tools should be used regularly to make your views on governance known.  This is particularly important if your senator or congressional representative is of a different political persuasion.

If enough people express their unhappiness with an issue, from time to time minds are changed.

The important thing is not to withdraw from the political debate.  Many Republicans and most conservatives are very disillusioned with the Washington elite.  They feel betrayed by their own party and outnumbered by the opposition.  These, however, are not solid reasons for declining to participate.  For those who want to make sure the next election is “right”, vigorous action is required now and until the last vote is made in November.

Semper Fidelis
Tom Segel
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