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We are Now Entering - The Twilight Zone

June 4, 2008
by Dani Reshef
200px-rod_serling1.jpgOnly 5 months are left till the presidential election in the USA in November. The short time is not enough to reach a substantial achievement in these critical world issues:

 The proliferation of nuclear weapons, especially in Iran and North Korea, consolidation of an international coalition to stop the proliferation with diplomatic and economic means.

2. The renewing of the Cold War that is already affecting international relationships and is now accelerating between USA and Russia around the American plan to deploy missile defense systems in East Europe.mccainobama.jpg
3. The war on terror and the instability in the Middle East caused by Iran, the war in Iraq and the possible effect of peace talks between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Syria.

4.The energy crisis and the debate about global warming, and capping of industrial CO2 emmission.
It is obvious that an administration in its beginning can support its direction with political, economic and military means for a few years ahead. The latest achievements of USA in the war on terror, whether the decisions were right or wrong in the first place, were achieved due to consistency over the years. It is also obvious that USA is about to change course in the next half year and whatever will be decided now will be reconsidered in the months ahead.

Therefore the world is on hold in which everybody tries, on one hand, to gain time until it will be clear who will be doing business in the White House in the next years and, on the other hand, to set up as many facts as possible for the next administration to deal with.

No American administration managed to achieve in its last months in power what they could easily achieve in their first months in power.

The world is entering The Twilight Zone......the_twilight_zone_1985.jpg
Dani Reshef runs the Global Jihad website from Israel.

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