Hamas Wages 'Christian Cleansing' in Gaza

Written by The Lekarev Report


June 3, 2008
The Lekarev Report
and the IICC

Contrary to what some would assume, terrorist groups committed to "Jihad" (holy war against infidels) target not only Jewish people, but Christians as well.  The overall objective of "Jihad" is stated succintly in a common phrase used by Jihadists:  "First we kill the Saturday people, then the Sunday people." (See - Detailed Report and photos)

The number of Christians living in Gaza has been estimated to be about 3000 and of late, attacks from Hamas and Hamas linked sub-groups have increased.  The latest attack was this past Saturday, May 31st, when gunmen attacked the Al-Manar school, stole a vehicle from the Baptist Book Society and threatened the life of its director. 

An Israeli intelligence report determined that there has been an increase in the number of attacks on Christian figures and institutions, as well as those associated with Western values. The attacks are being perpetrated by elements identified with the global jihad and radical Islam. In the past two years, groups associated with Al-Qaeda took responsibility for attacks upon Christians and Christian institutions with the expressly-stated goal of driving Christians out of Gaza.

According to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC), the attacks on Christians have included the following:.

May 16, 2008: a bomb exploded in the Rahabat al-Wardia school run by nuns in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City. The previous year, when Hamas took over the Gaza Strip, the school was subjected to thefts and an arson attack.

February 15, 2008: Three gunmen from the "Army of Islam in the Land of Ribat," a network headed by Mumtaz Dughmush, broke into the YMCA library in Gaza City and set off a bomb which caused extensive damage. Hamas police condemned the event, calling it "a criminal act" and promising to investigate. The Hamas security forces detained a number of Army of Islam operatives but released them shortly thereafter, following a threat to use force to free them. After the event, senior Hamas figures met with senior Christian figures to express solidarity. ymca.jpg

January 10, 2008: a group called "Army of the Believers -- the Al-Qaeda Organization in Palestine," attacked the International School in Beit Lahiya twice, burning vehicles and stealing equipment. According to a statement issued two days later, the school was accused of spreading idolatry and hatred for Islam. The attacks were timed to coincide with U.S. President George W. Bush's visit to Israel.

October 6, 2007, elements linked to Hamas abducted Rami Khadr Ayad from his home and shot him to death; he was a Christian who worked for the Holy Bible Society.  Earlier Hamas gunmen attacked a Christian book store causing extensive damage.

These are just some, not all, of the ongoing attacks designed to 'cleanse' Gaza of Christians.  Though rarely reported in the international press, it should be for it represents a highly important principle of "Jihad" - as often preached in the mosques by the Imams (Islamic clerics), summarized by this statement:  Kill the infidels (Jews, Christians and anyone who is not Muslim and refuses to convert to Islam) wherever you may find them.

Meanwhile, Ali Larijani, the incoming Iranian parliamentary speaker, told Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh yesterday, "Keep up the resistance and you will achieve victory."  In response, Haniyeh said, "Hamas will never stop fighting the Zionist enemy."
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