Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) Interview with German 'Eric B.'

Written by NEFA


June 2, 2008
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a new interview published by the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU) with “Abdul Gaffar al-Almani”—better known as “Eric B.”, a 20-year old German convert to Islam from Neuenkirchen in Saarland who traveled to Pakistan in 2007 and joined the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU). According to “Abdul Gaffar”, as long as European governments continue to participate in the NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan, “Germany—along with every other nation taking part in the occupation [of Afghanistan]—should expect attacks by Muslims.

The one who goes searching for war will surely find it.” He further boasted that the IJU has recently “assembled a group of recruits who are ready to conduct martyrdom operations.” Separately during his interview, “Abdul Gaffar” also indicated that the IJU is currently suffering from a serious financial crisis, acknowledging, “Truthfully, we have a shortage of money, but generous Allah is supplying us with all of our necessities.”
-------Source: NEFA
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