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Mexican Unrest May Lead to Massive Thrust North

May 20, 2008
American Patrol Report Opinion  

As our government begins to crack down on the border, forced to do so by public opinion, we should expect upheaval in Mexico. We should expect drug gangs to go crazy as we close down the wide-open border they have enjoyed for years.

As we suggested yesterday, the unrest in Mexico, underlined by an article by Strategic Forecasting, Inc. (Mexico: On the Road to a Failed State?), could lead to a civil war. Years ago, Subcomandante Marcos said "If there is a civil war, the first thing to fall would be the wall at the border."

Massive civil unrest and wholesale killings could lead to a massive upheaval whereby millions of Mexicans decide to flee north across the border, using the unrest as an excuse. If this happened would they be called illegal aliens or refugees? What would we do? Let them in? If we did, it would mean the end of the United States of America.

We should try to help the Mexican government, while at the same time girding our loins against those who demand we accept any and all "refugees" from the Mexican mess – a mess of their making. We shouldn't let a convenient disaster disarm us.
American Patrol Report

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